Watch: Abbas’ Fatah ‘Sends Love’ to ‘Heroine’ Bomb-Maker

JERUSALEM – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah group sent “all their love” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Palestinian “heroine” and bombmaker Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, who died at home while making explosives to attack Israel. Ghazaleh, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who was involved in multiple terror attacks, has often been lauded by the PA as a role model for Palestinian girls and women.

“Today we send all of our love to Shadia — who would repeat: ‘If I fall, take my place, my comrade in the struggle,'” a post on Fatah’s official Facebook page read.

“She and those like her guide our path … who sacrificed herself for her great family at the expense of the childhood dreams that were within her, in order to tell us: ‘Continue,'” the post read according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Fatah’s post expounded on Ghazaleh’s terror activities, saying that she “led a number of military operations.”

The post goes on to describe how Ghazaleh ended up dying in 1968 while at home making explosives intended for a bus bombing.

“However, fate desired that when our heroine was at her home preparing a bomb to detonate on the occupation in Tal Al-Rabia, it blew up in her hands and she died as a Martyr (Shahida),” the post read. PMW notes that Tal Al-Rabia is the Arabic translation Palestinians have chosen for Tel Aviv to wrongly imply the existence of an Arab village of that name prior to Tel Aviv’s founding.

The PA Ministry of Education has named two schools after Ghazaleh, PMW noted.

A student at one of the schools was shown on PA TV saying Ghazaleh was “a patriotic woman” and “a model of the patriotic woman who stood with the men against Zion.”

“She was a model of the wonderful female Palestinian fighter. We follow her path in this school,” remarked one impressionable young girl, as another stated, “The school is named after her to commemorate her and memorialize her and encourage people to be like her.”


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