Hezbollah Terrorists Urging Palestinians to Attack Israel with Large Radio Antenna

Beirut, LEBANON: Hezbollah second in command Naim Qassem addresses supporters outside the Serail, the seat of government, surrounded by anti-government protesters in Beirut 10 December 2006. Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora vowed his government would overcome the challenge posed by thousands of opposition protesters led by the Shiite militant group …

(UPI) — Militant group Hezbollah has built a powerful antenna in Lebanon with the aim of broadcasting propaganda deep into Israel and urging supporters to attack the Jewish State, Israeli authorities said.

The antenna is inside a Lebanese army base in Marwahin on the border with Israel, Israeli officials said. It’s capable of broadcasting several hundred miles into Israel. The tower was built by Hezbollah two months ago to transmit Hamas propaganda and coordinate attacks on Israel, they added.

The antenna is broadcasting on a radio frequency that disrupts an existing Israeli station, which has a large Arab audience.

Egypt brokered a cease-fire last month between Israel and Hamas but the two sides have continued attacking each other.

The station has grown popular with inmates in Israeli prisons, where recent broadcasts spurred protests and a hunger strike. The Israeli Prisons Service responded with cellular jamming devices to prevent prisoners from using smuggled phones. Officials said prison guards have collected some 300 cellphones from Israeli jails.

Israel’s Communications Ministry has filed a complaint with the International Telecommunication Union.

Israeli officials said they have a similar problem with Palestinian militant group Hamas, which they say uses its Al Aqsa television channel to coordinate attacks in the West Bank.


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