In ‘Technological Leap,’ Israel’s Iron Dome Shoots Down Drones, Rockets Simultaneously

Israel strikes Hamas targets after new Gaza rocket fire

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system has undergone a “technological leap” and can now intercept multiple threats simultaneously, including rocket barrages and drones a barrage of rockets and drones, the Defense Ministry announced Tuesday following a series of complex testing.

The news comes in the wake of a warning by the Israel Defense Forces of a possible war with the Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah that would see Israel hit with some 2,000 rockets per day.

The tests demonstrated a “significant upgrade” of Iron Dome’s technological capabilities, a Defense Ministry statement said.

The Iron Dome was tested in “difficult and complex scenarios, intercepting and destroying existing and new threats… simultaneously shooting down several unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as missile and rockets salvoes,” according to the ministry statement.

“Ten years after the first operational use of the Iron Dome, today we are completing a qualitative technological leap in the system’s abilities. In three series of experiments in just a few months, we have upgraded the capacities of the Iron Dome to the next generation of threats,” said Defense Ministry official Moshe Pattal.

This test took place together with defense contractor, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and the Israeli Air Force’s Air Defense Command.

The upgraded missile defense system will be issued to the IAF and the Navy for operational use.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz hailed the announcement.

“The Israeli technological superiority provided by the Iron Dome and the multilayer defense system is a cornerstone of our defense system and Israel’s security. It is critical for the security of our country in the face of changing and diverse threats from our enemies,” said Gantz.

He went on to thank the defense ministry’s Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) as well as Rafael. “Thanks to them, the citizens of Israel can sleep peacefully at night.”

General Manager of Rafael’s Air and Missile Defense Division, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Pini Yungman said: “Rafael and the IMDO have been tirelessly upgrading Iron Dome’s capabilities over the last decade, constantly improving its technological and operational abilities. Our forward-looking approach allows us to address projected threats that are emerging around us. The capabilities that were demonstrated in this last test will ensure further protection to the State of Israel.”


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