Freed Israeli Hostage: Israel Women are Being Raped in Captivity

Hamas terrorist (Hazem Bader / AFP via Getty)
Hazem Bader / AFP via Getty

Freed Israeli hostage Agam Goldstein-Almog told Israel’s Channel 13 on Tuesday that fellow female hostages were raped repeatedly by their Hamas captors in Gaza, and that her own captors threatened to forcibly “marry” her as well.

Goldstein-Almog, who saw her father murdered by Hamas terrorists before being kidnapped, said that she and fellow hostages briefly thought about trying to escape, when her captors were sleeping, but that they were too frightened.

Earlier this month, Goldstein-Almog told a protest that gathered in Tel Aviv to mark 100 days since the Hamas terror attack of October 7 about her experiences. The Jerusalem Post reported:

Recounting her kidnapping, Almog described the terror: “My father was shot immediately as he stood by the safe room, clutching my sister’s bed board. He screamed ‘No no no’ as we, huddled in a corner, were forcibly taken, stepping over his body without a chance to say goodbye. The chaos was deafening.”

In captivity, Almog faced the constant threat of death, unsure of how or when it might come – through torture, shooting, or air force bombings. She also witnessed the plight of other girls, “Many experienced severe sexual assaults and complex injuries, left untreated. We had to bandage ourselves or help each other.”

After moving from a house to a tunnel, Almog was exposed to another harsh experience. “Suddenly a door opens and six girls were waiting, and then we realized that there are girls who were alone. Many girls experienced severe sexual assaults, they were wounded with very severe and complex injuries that are untreated. They bandaged themselves or we helped them do so.” She added, “I can’t even imagine what their condition is, what hope they are clinging to.”

Goldstein-Almog was freed after more than 50 days in captivity, during a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. She said that one of her captors was a teacher in a school, and another was a university student, corroborating claims that Palestinian civilians are participating in Hamas’s acts of terrorism, abduction, and torture against Israeli civilians.

She urged that everything possible be done to free the remaining hostages, who are thought to number about 130, including roughly 20 women.

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