Betting Odds Shift 20 Points in Favor of Mehmet Oz After Debate

Bill Clark, Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

The debate between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday night shifted the betting odds 20 points in favor of Oz, according to PredictIt betting market.

Before the debate started, Oz was favored to win the Pennsylvania Senate seat by 53/100 cents. After the one-on-one, those odds dramatically changed. Wednesday morning odds showed Oz favored by 64/100 cents, an 11 point swing.

Fetterman saw his betting odds trend down from 48/100 cents to 39/100 cents, a nine point swing, on the back of his underwhelming performance.

Since August, Fetterman’s odds have deceased 36 cents (39/100 cents to 75/100). Oz odds have increased 38 cents (26/100 to 64/100).

The betting markets mirrored NBC News’s Pittsburgh affiliate WPXI. The news organization asked respondents, “Who won the Senate Debate?”

Eighty-two percent said Oz. Just 18 percent said Fetterman won.

The favorable metrics for Oz come after Fetterman struggled to clearly articulate his policies on stage after having a stroke in May.

“Hi, goodnight, everybody,” was Fetterman’s opening statement:

Election day is 13 days away on November 8. Polling before the debate shows both Oz and Fetterman is a dead heat.

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