Milo On CBS Radio Baltimore: ‘Everyone’s Losing Their Minds On American College Campuses’


Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos made a guest appearance on the CBS Baltimore radio show Baltimore Barristers, hosted by Alex Bush and Steve Caramenico.

On the show Milo and the hosts discussed a number of topics, including Milos status as a conservative firebrand and enemy of social justice warriors everywhere, why college faculty at every college he visits end up quitting in disgrace and the results of the British referendum on Brexit.

“Everyone’s losing their minds on American college campuses and they have been for some time, whats fascinating about this, and I think my tours sort of been the catalyst for all this but I think it was brewing already anyway, is this sort of libertarian and conservative revolution.”

“It’s a bit like the revolution in the 60s and 70s, the campus radicals who were fighting against what they perceived to be conservative institutions and authoritarian conservatism and all that kind of stuff. Well leftists have been running university college campuses for quite a long time and these places run by liberals, infested by liberals, are now told by liberals that they’re hotbeds of rape and sexism and transphobia, well liberals aren’t doing a good job of running their own institutions obviously. Of course the reality is they’re just insane.

“There’s this amazing revolution brewing and it’s led by the Young Americans for Liberty and Turning Point, these college republican societies and maybe some Trump supporters and the people that come to my shows demanding of university administrators that they start to once again teach a diversity of political viewpoints.”

“For so long American universities have been obsessed with the mantra of diversity, getting more black students, getting more gay students, getting more women, now the issue has become for many young people going to university, these schools are not teaching a diverse and broad range of opinions and in fact it’s worse than that. They are punishing and penalising people academically for having the wrong political opinions. That’s a reality in America today and it’s a huge shock to me as a Brit coming over here to what I thought was free speech central the United States of America”

“My tour has been designed to embarrass university lectures as much as possible, to publicly shame them into doing what they should have been doing the whole time which is giving students a well rounded, broad range of opinions so they can look at the available data and make up their own minds.”

“Of course I don’t take any pleasure in anybody losing their job, but it seems to me that university administrators have put themselves, and they’re completely responsible for their own predicament, they’ve put themselves into an awkward position. Because on the one hand they’re committed to pandering to black lives matter and to crazy campus feminism, to social justice warriors, to the worst most evidence free, feelings, grievances and victimhood based student politics. They’ve gone all in on that, making colleges “safe spaces” and putting trigger warnings on texts, pandering to students who elaborate and exaggerate their sense of victimhood and their feelings and all this nonsense. So they’re committed to that but on the other hand they have an academic duty to allow other points of views on campus, else what’s the point of a university?”