Vanity Fair On Milo: ‘The Crowd Loved It’


Vanity Fair has written a feature covering the first day of the Republican convention in Cleveland, in which Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos is mentioned.

According to the magazine, Yiannopoulos’ appearance at the Citizens For Trump rally outside the convention hall attracted a “diverse” crowd who “loved” his message of anti-political correctness.

An excerpt of the article is below. You can read the whole thing at Vanity Fair.

The park crowd seemed far more diverse in opinion than the crowd in the convention hall—everyone from 9/11 truthers to anti-immigration motorcycle bikers—but far more unified. Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos appeared, in black jeans with a blousy top, to declare that political correctness kills. “I try to fight it by calling myself a dangerous faggot,” he said, adding that Trump would be a better defender of gay rights than the left, which is ”happy to pander to and mollycoddle people who want me dead.” The audience loved it.

“Donald Trump is best placed to end the cancer of political correctness in this country,” Yiannopoulos continued. “You may not agree with everything he says, you may not even like the guy, but he’s the best chance we have.” That was the sentiment voiced by those to whom I spoke there, often with even fewer reservations. Many of the people in the crowd had come hundreds of miles to be there, even with no access to the action. “Republicans don’t listen to their own people,” said Gail Brown, who had driven to Cleveland from upstate New York with her husband, Paul. Both said they were eager to see Paul Ryan lose his primary in August. Whatever flaws Trump might have, they accepted them.