GOP Convention

Willie Robertson: Trump ‘Will Have Our Back’

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson won the crowd at the GOP convention with the straightforward theme; “We need a president who will have our back … “I can promise you this: no matter who you are, Donald Trump will have your back.”

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After Dallas, Orlando, Baton Rouge … Will the RNC be Safe?

The convergence of anti-Trump protesters, Black Lives Matters groups and leftists, has raised questions about safety at the Republican National Convention. The execution of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Black Lives Matter protests after police shootings, and Islamic terrorist attacks in Orlando and France, has only heightened concerns.

Police cars sit at a checkpoint amid preparations for the arrival of visitors and delegates for the Republican National Convention, on July 16, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio

California Could Be GOP Elite’s Last Stand Against Trump

The political analysts at CalBuzz, a California-based political news website, report that the Republican Party elites are so terrified of Donald Trump winning the nomination that they are prepared to wage a scorched-earth campaign to deny him the delegates he needs to secure a majority before the party convention in Cleveland this summer.

Donald Trump

Chris Christie Jets from CPAC to CA: Don’t Rush to 2016

Fresh off his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put out the call to California Republicans gathered in Sacramento this weekend to hold off on uniting behind one candidate for 2016, but telling the crowd, “If you’re ready to fight with me, everybody… I will fight with you.”

Christie in CA