MILO: ‘The Most Egregious Rigging of This Election Has Been by the Media’

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MILO claimed that “the most egregious rigging of this election has been by the media” during his talk at Ohio State University on Friday.

“The polls have been rigged so badly, they had to come up with the euphemism of “enthusiasm gap” to explain why they show Hillary doing well in the polls, but unable to draw more than a few hundred people to a rally compared to Trump’s thousands” claimed MILO. “Coincidentally those polls are normalizing in the last week of the race, because the polling firms don’t want to look as foolish as the Brexit pollsters did the day after.”

“But the most egregious rigging of this election has been the media. The media used to be known as the fourth estate because it was the watchdog that kept an eye on the government, like Woodward and Bernstein did with Watergate” he continued. “But that is the past. Now the media is completely beholden to the Clintons, and we know from Wikileaks that they reached out for approval of stories, and to rig the debates. CNN was happy to pin that on Donna Brazile, but you and I know CNN is the Clinton News Network.”

“Many Americans don’t get their news from the Internet, they aren’t active on Twitter. They watch the nightly news or FOX, and they are getting an amazingly skewed version of reality” Milo explained. “An amazing piece has just come out by a lefty, one of the rare courageous ones, named Ken Silverstein. His article in the Observer is titled “This Election has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism”.

“He details the failings of a media that has become a surrogate of the Clinton campaign, the Ultimate Super Pac. He says many things that most journalists are too cowardly to admit, like the fact that the mainstream media has left the Clinton Foundation virtually untouched.”

“Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails make Watergate look like Nixon shoplifted a candy bar, but you wouldn’t know it from what the media has reported. They are happy to accept the Yoga and wedding planning excuse” continued Milo. “But after Weiner’s laptop was found, it doesn’t seem like the FBI is buying it. I wonder if people that watch the mainstream media even know about that story?”

Milo concluded by claiming that the media has a “single goal, to STOP TRUMP.”

“They want to make the news instead of reporting on it, as evidenced by the coverage of the ridiculous women who stepped forward with allegations against Trump in recent weeks. You aren’t hearing much from them anymore are you? That is because their stories were so fake they couldn’t convince a single voter” he added. “Believe me, I’ve known a lot of journalists, and their opinions on most subjects are wrong. If the entire mainstream media is aligned against Trump, it is just about the best endorsement he could hope for!”

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Written from prepared remarks.

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