Anti-MILO Posters Spotted Around University of Washington as President Plans Alternative Event

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Anti-MILO flyers claiming he “will attack people of color” and women have been spotted around the University of Washington ahead of his event there on the 20th of January, while the school’s president works to organize an alternative event.

“Help Block Milo Yiannopoulos from UW” read the flyers, which were spotted around campus and emailed to Breitbart Tech. “Will attack people of color, women, trans people, and encourages others to do the same.”

“Encourages followers to attack the legitimacy of sexual assault survivors, calling them liars… Says, ‘Gay rights made us dumber'” they continued, before encouraging protesters to “show up for Milo” during his event.

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University President Ana Cauce responded to MILO’s upcoming event on campus in an email to students, where she claimed that he “thrives on negative attention,” and hinted at an alternative event.

“When folks contact us about Milo on campus, we are letting them know that we genuinely understand their objections and frustration. The statements he has made at other campuses are clearly in opposition to the University of Washington’s values and our commitment to nurturing an inclusive, compassionate and welcoming community” said Cauce in her email last December. “He is not someone I would have ever invited to speak here, not because I don’t value a robust, or difficult, discussion about a range of policies or social issues — such conversations are necessary and college campuses are ideal places to have them. But, this is clearly not the kind of conversation he is engaging in elsewhere.”

“Gordon pegs him correctly. His speaking engagements generate heat, not light, and his manner of engagement is anything but civil, respectful and conducive to true dialogue across differences, which we need more, not less of” she continued. “Nonetheless, the right to free speech and expression is broad and allows for speech that is offensive and that most of us would consider disrespectful, and even sexist or racist. As a public university committed to the free exchange of ideas and free expression, we are obligated to uphold this right.”

We have reviewed this event with our Attorney General’s office and there are not, at this time, sufficient grounds to ban him from speaking on our campus, although we continue to monitor what is going on as he speaks elsewhere. 

It may be helpful to know that invitations and approvals of campus speakers reside with the sponsoring unit or organization and the Use of University Facilities Committee, not the president’s office. In this instance, Milo Yiannopoulos has been invited to speak by students who are members of the College Republicans. They will be responsible for expenses, including any security expenses.

As Gordon had noted, Milo Yiannopoulos’ thrives on negative attention and our Student Life office is working on developing other programming at the same time that would offer an alternative gathering space for the many who do not appreciate Mr. Yiannopoulos’ presence on campus. Please be assured, the fact that he is speaking at our University does not mean that he in any way represents our University and our values.

I know that some are hearing about his being banned from speaking at other universities. That does appear to be the case at some private universities but not at public ones. There are a few public universities where his speaking was changed/postponed to a new date, some that he canceled, and some that were rumored but were never planned. To the very best of my knowledge – and we HAVE been examining, there are no public universities where he has been banned. If you check his website you’ll find all his planned future visits are to public universities.

For whatever it’s worth, if he does ridicule someone while he’s here I suspect, and hope, that it’s me. I’ve already been featured on several extreme right/alt-right wing blogs and as a chunky Cuban lesbian I’m perfect for his kind of attacks. But, as FDR said “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” Or, as much to the point –“Never interrupt your enemies while they are making a mistake.”

While I generally believe the best antidote to objectionable free speech is more free speech, in this case I believe letting him speak without interruption or audience outside of those who appear to find his form of taunting amusing, would be the worse kind of punishment. But that’s a choice individuals will make on their own.

College leftists have also placed up flyers featuring the President of the College Republicans, Jessica Gamble, branding her a racist and supplying her personal details, along with her fathers, with encouragement to harass her for inviting MILO to the school.

“Let Jessie know what you think about her close friendships with with Neo-nazis and White Supremacists” proclaimed the flyer, which featured Gamble’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, along with private email, phone number, and the number of her father. “Why don’t you tell her father too while you’re at it.”

Despite condemning MILO, President Ana Cauce has yet to condemn the bullying and harassment coordinated against Gamble.

MILO is set to speak at the University of Washington on January 20th. Like most of his stops on the Dangerous Faggot tour, the event is sold out.

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