Code Pink's Medea Benjamin Arrested After Entering Home of Xe/Blackwater Founder

Medea Benjamin “call(s) for help” before she is arrested for trespassing at the McLean, Va., home of Erik Prince, August 20, 2010. Photo by Code Pink.

Terrorist supporter and Code Pink co-founder Susan “Medea” Benjamin was arrested Friday evening at the McLean, Virginia home of Xe Services founder (formerly Blackwater) Erik Prince, according to a press release posted by Code Pink.

Prince was not home, having left the United States for Abu Dhabi in the face of mounting legal problems. Inexplicably, Benjamin was let into the house, according to the press release. However, when Benjamin revealed the true nature of her visit, Mrs. Prince reportedly threw her out of the house. Fairfax County Police arrived and arrested Benjamin for trespassing, according to a caption at Code Pink’s Flickr album. (The Fairfax County Police public information office is closed for the weekend.)

An excerpt from Code Pink’s press release:

  1. CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin and other DC area activists were detained at the home of Blackwater Founder Erik Prince. The group dropped by to deliver a letter urging Prince not to flee the US to extradition-free UAE. His move, though couched by his PR team as a much needed break from the US would in fact eliminate the possibilities that he could be held accountable for the crimes perpetrated by Blackwater while under his control. Benjamin was invited into the Prince home, she then proceeded to explain to Prince’s wife why she was delivering the letter; Mrs. Prince then pushed Benjamin out the door and told her to “leave the house immediately”. Police soon arrived, entered the house to speak with the Prince family. While statements were being taken by other eyewitnesses, Benjamin was quickly hand-cuffed and arrested.

The New York Times reported Friday that Xe Services is being fined $42 million by the State Department for “hundreds of violations of United States export control regulations.”

Prince is is being sued for allegedly defrauding the government.

Code Pink has a history of harassing their political opponents at their homes. Targets have included former Bush administration lawyer John Yoo, then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Medea Benjamin being questioned by Fairfax County, Va., police officers outside the McLean, Va., home of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, August 20, 2010. Photo by Code Pink.

Code Pink has also called for the kidnapping of former President Bush, his wife Laura, and former high ranking Bush administration officials so they could be tried for alleged war crimes for defending America in the war on terror.

Code Pink activist Tighe Barry leaves a note on the front door of Erik Prince’s McLean, Va., home, August 20, 2010. Photo by Code Pink.

Code Pink has not posted any photos of Benjamin when she was inside Prince’s home. The group said in its press release they would be posting video of the incident at their YouTube channel.


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