Republicans Pledge Help in Search for Truth in Plane Crash that Killed Polish President

[The following was provided to Big Peace by an anonymous source in Poland.]

American Congressmen offered help to form international committee for the investigation of Polish plane crash. Such a committee could be formed after newly elected members will take their seats in January. Last month Republican members of the House and Senate met with representative of Polish parliament committee and plane crash victims’ families, which killed Polish president, the high state officials and also American citizen in April. Polish delegation brought 360,000 signatures of Polish citizens demanding for the international investigation.

Exactly ten months ago plane crash killed President of Poland Lech Kaczynski, top military commanders, members of Parliament and state high officials on the way to Smolensk in Russia.

Russian investigators announced that they completed their investigation. However they could not shock more after they announced that they are going to question the Smolensk traffic control officials once again and “the old protocols” will be destroyed. Moreover, it is expected that Moscow will blame Polish side for the crash. Even more surprising was that Polish government decided to not protest. (It is visible that foreign policy of current government is to be quiet and give Russia free rein.) It complied to Russian suggestions like it did when it prohibited victims’ families to open coffins after they were brought from Moscow.

Until today Polish government failed to convince Russia to return the most important material for the investigation: the wreck, the black boxes and the documentation on the status of Smolensk airport.

The only institution trying to investigate the case is the special committee of Polish Parliament formed by the political opposition. It revealed that evidence shows that neither Polish pilots nor anybody on the board of the plane is responsible for the crash. The latter suggestion may seem odd only when one forgets that Russian propaganda during the first forty hours after the crash tried to blame Polish commander of the Air Force and other VIP for forcing crew to land. Equally untrue were other Russian propaganda themes: Polish pilots attempted to land four times, they did not speak in Russian and the Smolensk traffic control officers advised not to land.

There was no attempt of landing. The experts of the Parliament’s special committee revealed important new facts that traffic control officers provided false information to the Polish pilots.

– Analysis of our expert who was former military navigator proved that plane crashed in the distance of 850 meters and 75 meters off the runway – said in the Catholic Radio Maryja the chief of the Parliamentary committee Rep Antoni Macierewicz. Pilots were misled, he added.

For safe landing pilots should have proper information from three sources: plane’s instruments, traffic control tower and GPS. However according to the expert “you are on the course and the path” information given to Polish pilots was wrong. When plane was 8300 metres far from runway at the Smolensk airport, traffic control tower informed captain that they are 8000 far? Such mistake occurred four times more. In effect Polish pilots expected runway 800 metres closer than it in fact was. Also NDB system seemed to give wrong coordinates.

Russian traffic control officers told pilots that plane is on very low altitude when it was too late.

That truth is being filtered by government friendly private mainstream media. Although theoretically the liquidation of censorship was supposed to be a main fruit of changes in 1989, in case of Smolensk crash there is no public debate.

Deserted by Polish government, plane crash victims families backed by terrorism expert Mr. Harvey Kushner turned to Republicans for help to form an international committee for the investigation of the Smolensk crash (like the international committee to investigate the death of Lebanese prime minister Hariri, in which United States player role):. They were received by the Congressmen among others Rep Dana Rohrabacher and Rep Ileana Ros-Lethine, Sen. Richard Burr as well as with the directors of NTSB agency.

He welcomed members of Polish delegation saying: Why such a committee does not exist yet? And Representative Dana Rohrabacher added after he learned about details of Russian investigation: “I realized that Poles have right to distrust in it, Poland deserves truth and Russia should accept it.”

At this stage there is nobody to be accused. However it is clear that Polish president died in still unexplained crash in Russia. What is more to that what western media claimed to be the cause of the catastrophe has been proved to be a blatant Russian lie.


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