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Osama Bin Laden Is Still Dead, Libya Rages On, And Obama Is Still Floundering


On Sunday night, May 1st, President Obama put news outlets on alert that a big announcement was imminent. Soon, as reporters gathered to be briefed and waited until late into the night, media personalities across the board predicted the announcement would be about Osama bin Laden: that the President was going to tell Americans bin Laden had been killed.

In anticipation, crowds gathered outside the White House fence, on Times Square, and elsewhere, from where they celebrated the death of the terrorist after Obama did indeed announce it. And as I watched the crowds gather and linger throughout the night – growing quite raucous in some instances – I couldn’t help but think: “Wow, we haven’t seen this kind of excitement since late 2008, when Obama still had people fooled into believing he was bringing real hope; he was bringing real change.”

Now, over a month later, bin Laden is still dead, a war in Libya that was only supposed to last for days is still raging, and Obama is still floundering domestically. Surely we all remember when Obama told us our involvement in Libya would only require “days not weeks.” This was when he was at his haughtiest – trying to assure us he was entering into a conflict that would not turn into another Iraq.

Guess what? The “days not weeks” of action in Libya started on March 19 and they rage on even as I type, some two and a half months later. Members of the House of Representatives from both sides of the aisle are so fed with up Obama that they’ve put him on notice that Libya has basically becoming a rogue operation. Telling him that via the Libya quagmire he has now exceeded all powers granted him by the U.S. Constitution.

Additionally, the domestic scene for Americans is bad and getting worse. (Or should I say worse and getting horrible?)

On average, homes in the U.S. are worth 33% less than they were in 2007, placing them on a pricing slide that “is now greater than that suffered during the Great Depression.” This slide, together with excruciatingly high gas prices – which contribute to higher food prices – and unemployment at over 9%, has raised “consumers’ fears for the future” (to put it mildly).

CNBC is actually reporting that 61% of Americans “don’t expect to return to their respective pre-recession lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.”

Osama bin Laden is still dead. We killed him and I’m glad. But nothing about his death, not even a well-timed release of the photos of his body, will change the fact that Libya rages on and Obama is still floundering.

61% of Americans “don’t expect to return to their [pre-Obama] lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.”

Apparently, the hope and change bit isn’t sitting that well with most folks.


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