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Flotilla Organizers Should Change Course To Syria Or Libya – Gaza Not The Center Of Injustice


Unless there will be another delay, this week a group of boats carrying determined activists (and probably some terrorists as well), will try to break the siege on Gaza.

From their talk you’d think Gaza is the center of injustice in the Middle East with Israel bullying and harassing its poor people.


Image source – AFP

I guess the organizers of this next flotilla didn’t watch the news in the last few months. With Libya caught in armed struggle and Syrians crying for help under Assad’s brutal repression, maybe they should consider to change course and sail to Syria.

You see, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Israel transfers all aid to the Palestinians. If this flotilla was about aid there would be no problem – the ship could dock in Israel, unload its humanitarian cargo and all aid would be delivered to Gaza.

But the flotilla is not about aid – it’s about delivering weapons to Hamas, a terrorist organization bound on erasing Israel off the map.

Terrorists are manipulating the liberal crowds – recruiting support by crying havoc for the people in Gaza while all they want to do is deliver weapons to Hamas.

On it’s end, “Israel is determined to stop this flotilla,” said Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor, “There is nothing humanitarian or anything that has to do with Palestinian welfare that the organizing of this flotilla wants to do,” he added.

Leaders around the world have shown support for Israel on this issue. Even Turkey, pulled out of this flotilla with the IHH (whose activists lead the previous Flotilla in May 2010 in which several were killed in the confrontation with the IDF) announcing that as Egypt opened Rafah crossing it does not feel the flotilla is as urgent as before. UN leader Ban endorsed the Israeli government’s decision, saying that aid should be delivered to Gaza only through “legitimate crossings and established channels”. Ban added that the flotilla is not helpful in assisting the economy of Gaza and encouraged organizers to cancel their voyage. From a legal perspective, international maritime law expert Heintschel von Heinegg claims Israel has no choice but to stop this flotilla at any price and that the law is on its side.

We, in, feel for the people in Gaza – it’s not easy living under the brutal regime of Hamas. But as the whole world agrees, there is no need for this flotilla. It’s an unnecessary provocation which does not do good to anyone.


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