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Severe Sanctions on Iran: Too Little, Too Late?

Iran has been working on its nuclear weapons program for years. The west has been trying to convince Iran to back off its nuclear intentions for years. Through diplomatic efforts and through increasingly severe sanctions, the west has been trying

A New Chapter In Middle East History – A Time To Realign Allies

For 4 decades America could count on Egypt as a reliable ally in managing Middle East affairs. For 4 decades American military aid guaranteed Egyptian government would stick by its western allies. Well that chapter in history is over and

Egyptian Youth Disillusioned: Was Life Any Worse Under Mubarak?

Egypt is caught in yet another round of violence as protesters refuse to leave Tahrir Square. This time around, the revolution square is dominated by secular youth. Those same people that took to the streets in Egypt a year ago

Will Freedom Drown in the Tidal Wave of Islamic Revolution?

Not since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War has the Middle East experienced such radical change. Dictators have fallen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen; Syria is suffering civil war; and rebellion is cooking in

Al Qaeda And Radical Islam Threaten Progress In Africa

As NATO formally ended its military campaign in Libya, Al Qaeda flag was proudly flying on Libyan roof tops. It was not flying just on ordinary roof tops – it was seen flying on the roof of Benghazi’s courthouse, the

Egypt's Troubled Road From Revolution To Chaos

It’s been 8 months since Arab Spring revolution swept Egypt and led to the end of Mubarak’s regime. The uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February has hammered the economy and sparked a wave of sectarian and other violence that

Tunisia Vote A Test To Arab Spring Revolutions

Tunisia is where the Arab Spring revolt began. It is also the first country to go through elections post its Arab Spring revolution. And who is about to win a land slide victory in this election? The Islamist party of

Gilad Shalit In Israel After 5 Years As Prisoner Of Hamas

This is a special day in Israel. 5 years ago Gilad Shalit was just a regular soldier doing his job in the IDF. In the last 5 years he spend in Hamas’ captivity, Gilad Shalit became an icon, he became

Arab Spring Or Anarchy? Terror En Route To Vacation In Israel

It’s summer time and it’s the high season in the beautiful resort town of Eilat. Sadly, the peace and quiet of the southern most city in Israel, was abruptly broken today as a chain of terror attacks claimed the lives

Seeking Balance – What The World Needs Is Stability

2011 has been an eventful year – too eventful some would say. It seems the world is losing its balance – as dramatic events unfold one after another, we are unable to maintain focus and solve the issues at hand.

Palestinians Are Pawns In The Hands Of Syria, Iran And Hezbollah

As border demonstrations occurred for the 2nd time along the border of Syria and Israel it becomes clear that the Palestinians are pawns in the hand of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. With internal protests refusing to dwindle down in Syria,

The Main Problem Is Palestinians' Goals And Not Land

Through its 63 years of war and peace – Israel has shown once and again its willingness to go very far for peace. Israel is willing to give up significant land in exchange for true lasting peace. Over the last

Syria Uses Nakba Day As Excuse To Infiltrate Israel's Border

The bloody events of the so called “Nakba Day” have been planned for a while. For months now the 3rd Palestinian Intifada movement has been promoting their anti Israel event on May 15th. At noon today after a 63 seconds

With Bin Laden Dead Iranian Leader Greatest Threat To World Peace

As the largest state sponsor of terror, no one expects Iran to applaud the killing of Bin Laden but as usual Iran supplies us with imaginative headlines. “Bin Laden died well before US’ raid” Iranian Intelligence Minister claimed. Countered terrorism

Hamas Sides With Bin Laden – Is This A Partner For Peace?

On the background of the reconciliation agreement with Fatah, Hamas showed the world its true colors once again. While the free world applauds the successful operation which finally put down the world’s number 1 terrorist, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

The Revolutions In The Middle East And Their Impact On Iran

As the Middle East changes on a daily basis it’s hard to observe how events are impacting surrounding countries. But it seems the events are boosting Iran both in terms of its regional impact as well as its race to

Arab Revolutions May Lead To Democracy…But Not Peace

A few days ago I met Minister Benny Begin and interviewed him for In light of the swift turn of events in the Middle East, Minister Begin was able to crystallize the main issues with cutting clarity. From the

UN's Human Rights Council Lacks Moral Authority

For years those that support Israel have felt that the UN’s treatment of Israel is unjustified. Israeli leaders have complained again and again that the UN is biased against the Jewish state, that it judges almost every action of Israel

Shooting A Rocket On A Yellow School Bus Is A Crime Against Humanity

There are unwritten rules of engagement which create the fragile balance between Israel and Hamas. Over the last few weeks, Hamas has intentionally increased the flames. Little by little with longer range Grad rockets on Beer Sheva or Ashkelon, with

Palestinian Incitement Stalling the Peace Process

A recent survey showed 1/3 of Palestinians support the attack in Itamar in March, in which an Israeli family of five was murdered while sleeping. The fact that such hateful act is supported by 1/3 of the people is a

Keeping Pace With The Revolutions In The Middle East

So much has happened in the Middle East over the last few months that it’s been hard to keep up. Freedom is addictive and the domino effect in the Middle East is strong. People have paid dearly for freedom and

Israel Cleared Of War Crime Allegations By Judge Goldstone

It may be too little and too late but Judge Goldstone has cleared Israel and the IDF from the war crimes allegations as per the Goldstone report investigating operation Cast Lead in Gaza. In September 2009, the UN Fact-Finding Mission

Why Do Middle Eastern Regimes Lack Respect For Human Life?

Since this wave of revolutions began in the Middle East thousands of people have lost their lives in their fight for freedom. Leaders of countries like Egypt, Syria, Lybia and Iran have shown little mercy to their people’s right for

Revolution and Antisemitism in the Arab World

It seems that where ever you look in the Arab world you see a revolution these days. The Middle East is changing in front of our eyes. History is in the making. Often in times of change antisemitism raises its

Israel Intercepts Terrorist Weapons Shipments: the Art of Deceit

March 15th in the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea – an innocent looking commercial ship flying a Liberian flag is stopped by the Israel navy. The operation was approved by PM Netanyahu taking into account confirmed reports that the