United Nations Report Relies On Information From….Former East German Spies!


The United Nations recently put together a report critical of social conditions in Germany. And who did the UN rely on for the report? Germany’s left-leaning Der Spiegel reports that they relied on an organization formed by ex-Stasi spies unhappy with the reunification of Germany. An excerpt:

“The report also sharply criticizes economic and social conditions in eastern Germany. The crucial data for this part of the report was contributed by the Society for the Protection of Civil Rights and Human Dignity (GBM). This organization’s membership boasts several former officials from former East Germany, including many ex-employees of the Stasi, the country’s dreaded secret police. They have never been able to forgive the government of reunited Germany for curtailing their pensions just because they harassed their fellow citizens during the communist era. The group has also made a name for itself by conferring a human rights award on Fidel Castro and by lauding the merits of East Germany in letters to the editor.

The GBM is no doubt elated that it succeeded in drawing UN officials to their side. The UN committee expressed its concern about the “discrimination” to be found in Germany when it comes to “the pension rights of former (East German) ministers and deputy ministers.” This corresponds exactly with the formulation that Harald Nestler, formerly a senior East German trade official to China, had suggested when he testified before the UN committee in Geneva.”

The full article is here.


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