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White House Wants 'Cap' On War Funding

What if they held a war and we couldn’t afford to participate? The White House wants to institute a “cap” on the amount of money that can be spent on war operations over the next decade.  You can spend $450

JFK's Insider Cigar Deal

From the Daily Mail: President John F Kennedy ordered an aide to buy him as many Cuban cigars as he could just hours before he authorised the U.S. trade embargo – which subsequently made them illegal. Kennedy asked his head

JFK's Insider Cigar Deal

JFK's Insider Cigar Deal

From the Daily Mail: President John F Kennedy ordered an aide to buy him as many Cuban cigars as he could just hours before he authorised the U.S. trade embargo – which subsequently made them illegal. Kennedy asked his head

JFK's Insider Cigar Deal

Congress Passes Bill Opening U.S. Skies To Drones

From the Associated Press: WASHINGTON — After five years of legislative struggling, 23 stopgap measures and a two-week shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, Congress finally has passed a bill aimed at prodding the nation’s aviation system into a new

Congress Passes Bill Opening U.S. Skies To Drones

Former CIA Agent Accused of Giving Classified Info to Journalists

From the National Journal: The Justice Department indicted a high-profile former CIA agent, John Kiriakou, on charges that he knowingly provided classified information to journalists and tried to mislead the CIA while trying to get permission to publish a book

New Chinese Virus Targeting DoD Access Cards

From the Army Times: A Chinese-based cyber attack is targeting the Defense Department’s Common Access Cards with technology that could steal information from military networks while troops and civilians work at their desks, researchers say. The new cyber weapon apparently

Romney: America's First Hispanic President?!

From Foreign Policy: He might look and sound like an Anglo-American, but Mitt Romney could make a real run at being the first Latino president. And it wouldn’t be just in the sense that Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton the

Something Is Working In Afghanistan: Opium Revenue Up 133%

From the Associated Press: Afghan entrepreneurs hard at work… KABUL, Afghanistan — Revenue from opium production in Afghanistan soared by 133 percent last year to about $1.4 billion, or about one-tenth of the country’s GDP, according to a United Nations

Amputee ROTC Cadet Wants to Be Air Force… Pilot?

This is a heroic story, and I applaud this young man. But is this really a good idea? From the Associated Press: ATHENS, Ohio — An Ohio ROTC cadet is pursuing his goal of becoming an Air Force pilot, despite

USAF Pilot To Test Virgin's Private Spaceship

‘Coma’ headed to space Former U.S. Air Force test pilot Keith Colmer will begin flight training shortly for tests of Richard Branson’s private spacecraft: WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo. Colmer was the choice out of more than 500 applicants. “We selected the

Marines To Deploy Unmanned Helos To Afghanistan

The Marines are sending the first of two Lockheed Martin K-MAX unmanned helos to Afghanistan. They are going to be used to resupply front-line troops. The hope is they will reduce the number of convoys and thereby limit the effectiveness

Will The Nuclear Triad Become A Nuclear Biad? Does It Matter?

National Defense Magazine looks at the reality of defense budget cuts and believes the transition is inevitable. If so, which leg should go? Air Force General Robert Kehler, the Stratcom Commander, gave this thoughts about where things should go. An

Russia Plans For Moon Base In Lunar Caves

From the Moscow Times: STAR CITY, Moscow Region — The United States may have put the first man on the moon, but Russian scientists and space explorers are now gazing at a new goal — setting up a colony on

Occupy Wall Street: Cop Disciplined For Using Pepper Spray

From the Daily Mail: A New York City police inspector has been docked more than a third of his vacation time after he used pepper spray on anti-Wall Street protesters corralled by police on a sidewalk during an Occupy Wall

State Report: Texas Is At War With Drug Cartels

There’s a shocking new report out from the Texas Department of Agriculture (of all places) titled “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment.” (You know things must be bad when the Ag people are issuing reports on strategic military matters.)

International Confab To Begin Control Of The Internet?

William Hague: control the internet? British Foreign Secretary Hague is organization an international conference in London titled the “London Conference on Cyberspace,” to be held on November 1-2. It’s going to include governments, NGOs, and corporations. Hague wants to address

France May Be Next Domino To Fall In Financial Crisis

German economists (always looking at the bottom-line) are now warning that France may be the next country to see it’s AAA credit rating to go. Part of it is because France is helping to bailout Greece. “A new bailout package

Sanctions On Iran Are A Dismal Failure

The Western strategy towards Iran basically centers on using sanctions to weaken the Iranian economy. While the Iranian economy appears to be having difficulty because of the Islamist inspired socialism that dominates the country, sanctions appear to be having only

Romney's Foreign Policy….Or Does He Even Have A Foreign Policy?

From the current National Interest, which looks at the foreign policy views of the GOP candidates: Is Romney GWB II on foreign policy? Is that a good thing? “The presumed frontrunner, Mitt Romney, seems particularly lacking in any coherent philosophical

USMC Reserves To Get Smaller, But Demands Will Grow

Cut the budget, but ask more of our reserves? Does that sound like a recipe for success? That is precisely what is being cooked up by the U.S. Marine Corps. If you are member of the USMC reserves, you will

German General: We've Failed In Afghanistan

General Harald Kujat, who was instrumental in planning the German mission in Afghanistan, has come out with a blunt assessment of what the future holds in Afghanistan. In short, he believes it has been a failure. “The mission fulfilled the

Congressman: China Waging Econ War Against The US

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) writes in today’s Washington Times: Putting us back on a path of national prosperity requires a dramatic change in trade policy. A weakened U.S. industrial base and a monstrous public debt also make it difficult to

US Had Secret Negotiations With Terrorist Group

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that U.S. officials this summer “secretly met with leaders of the deadly Haqqani network, the Afghan militant group closely tied to al Qaeda.” The goal was to “draw them into talks on winding down

Chinese Leader Is 'The New Mao'

What course will China chart in the future? The soon-to-be captain of the ship is Vice President Xi Jinping. And there is growing evidence that far from being a reformer, he will be aggressive leader who will resemble Mao more

Schoolchildren 'Rampage' in France: Don't Take Our Holiday Away!

Does French decadence have no bounds? From The Local, an English-language publication in France: Several hundred French schoolchildren went on the rampage on Friday after false rumours spread that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government wants to take away a large slice

Canada And The US May Become The Next OPEC

Move over Saudi Arabia? With a series of amazing shale oil and natural gas finds in North America, it is now possible (if bureaucrats will allow it) for both Canada and the United States to become energy exporters in the