Invasive TSA Procedures WIll Get Worse Until We Recognize the Threat

The other night, Frank Gaffney joined Eric Bolling on Fox Business News to talk about the latest TSA outrages.

[youtube vYx4tF9p7Zk]

It’s nearly daily now that the blogosphere explodes with news of obvious non-threat passengers being subjected to harsh patdowns and the like. We should not be surprised. A massive bureaucracy, by nature, accumulates data points– if only to prove its usefulness and justify the money spent on it. What’s more, this tendency is exaggerated by our civilian and military leadership’s obstinate refusal to understand the source of the problem.

It’s in the nature of DHS and the TSA is absurdly invasive precisely because they’re not looking at the actual threat indicators, beginning with examining the ideology that’s responsible for nearly all of the world’s intentional terror against civilians today, Shariah. Instead, political and bureaucratic leaders view this great ideological battle through the lens of theoretical models of antisocial behavior often based on gang violence. As we have seen, they will do anything but try to understand the methodology and characteristics of the jihadist movement like its practitioners understand it themselves.

Whenever you read a story about a 90 year old woman or a 4 year old child being over-zealously searched, your outrage should be pointed at the inability of the most expensive intelligence system in the world to recognize the obvious.


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