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What Are The Special Forces Trying To Build? Strange Request For Supplies


The site KitUp noticed an interesting request for supplies that indicates that the Special Forces are apparently building “a bat cave” to modify weapons. (Why else would they request a computerized precision machine cutting tool?) Here’s the solicitation on the federal supply website from the Special Forces Command. Let us know what you think they are building or working on. The purchase order list:

Is Bond’s Q now working for the Americans?

“The government is seeking to purchase a CNC [precision cutting tool] Machine with the following characteristics (not all inclusive): An integral water tank with air ballast water leveling system (constructed of steel), cutting access from at least 3 sides, forklift tubes to allow for positioning, two (2) trolley gantry, integrated PC/software/monitor, settling tank and sump pump, ethernet interface to allow for the transfer of large files and designs, equipped with NC geomate CAM software, installation / set-up and on-site training on the machine and software for 5 days, the entire CNC machine should be designed for heavy duty use, 500 pound hopper for abrasive materials, fully programmable abrasive feeder and dispenser.”


Section B Schedule of Supplies and Services

CLIN 0001, Description: Multicam 3204-W KMT Streamline S-50 Intensifier CNC Waterjet Machine Equipped with the following options:

– 60inch x 120inch work, waterjet gantry system with integrated tank and waterjet ballast tank.

– Multicam EZ control and software

– KMT Streamline S-50 50HP OEM intensifier

– Abrasive Cutting Head and Abrasive Feeder System

– Abrasive Transfer System with 500 pound hopper

– High Pressure Piping Single Head 4K

– SL-V Intensifier Mini Spares Kit

– SL-V Intensifier Mini Installation Tool Kit

– High Torque Water Jet Tool Kit

– Laser Pointer for position setting

– NC Geomate Waterjet CAM software with Random Shape Nesting

– Electrical Cabinet Air-Conditioning Unit

– 2000 pound of barton abrasives

– Installation /set-up and on-site training on the machine and software for 5 days.


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