Joe Knows Terrorists

It takes a lot to offend me but Vice President Biden has come pretty close. According to Politico, Biden railed against the Tea Party, “We have negotiated with terrorists” and “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

Let me tell you something Mr. Vice President, I am no terrorist but, unlike you, our family knows the horrors and devastation of terrorism far too intimately.

You see, our father and our closest cousin were killed by terrorists and I happen to be a member of our local Tea Party.

Our father, Frank Connor, was murdered by the FALN at Fraunces Tavern, NYC in 1975. Our cousin and father’s god son Steve Schlag was murdered at the World Trade Center on 9/11. I witnessed the horrific WTC attacks from only blocks away from both Fraunces and the towers.

How dare you compare mass murders, sworn to destroy our country with regular Americans who are so committed to restoring our greatness that they are willing to endure this kind of treatment from the likes of you?

Mr. Biden, your statement confirms that you have no understanding of who Americans are.

Nor do you understand what terrorism really is, how it affects the very Americans you have been elected to serve and who you so flippantly dismiss.

I would be offended but I’ll just take it from the source.


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