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Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder Still Blocking the Truth

This is not the first time that Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and Eric Holder have been accused of attempting to thwart a congressional investigation. Not by a long shot.  This time around, it’s been Clinton and Mills questioned over the

Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder Still Blocking the Truth

Clinton and Holder Already Suspended the War on Terror — in 1999

Naturally the State Department, led by Hillary Clinton, would proclaim the War on Terror over. To Hillary and Attorney General Eric Holder, the War on Terror was obviously over when politics demanded: two years before the attacks of 9/11/01, when

Clinton and Holder Already Suspended the War on Terror — in 1999

Holder plays Race Card I testified against Holder’s confirmation at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in 2009. (Holder engineered the Clintons’ clemency to unrepentant FALN terrorists who proudly claimed responsibility for the murder of my father, Frank Connor, at Fraunces Tavern in NYC.)

Calling for the Resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder

The Fast and Furious scheme, where more than 2,000 rifles were knowingly and willfully allowed to be transported from the United States into Mexico, has now been linked to a number of deaths on both sides of the border, including

Eric Holder: Incompetent or Malfeasant Ideologue?

Is Attorney General Eric Holder: a. a liar b. a malfeasant ideologue c. an incompetent stooge d. all of the above What an SAT question that would be. Holder is like the high school kid who doesn’t know the answer

We are all Tea Partiers now

We are all Tea Partiers now. Several months ago when I told a colleague at work that I was a member of the local Tea Party in NJ and was going to do a Tax Day speech he looked at

Joe Knows Terrorists

It takes a lot to offend me but Vice President Biden has come pretty close. According to Politico, Biden railed against the Tea Party, “We have negotiated with terrorists” and “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to

We want to live not merely survive

Barack Obama and his liberal comrades want Americans to survive. Conservatives want us to live. These two statements, so similar on the surface show how diametrically opposed our visions for America are. We need candidates who believe in, live by

Cool or Fool, Handing government more control of our lives

Big Brother now wants to control the heat in our bedrooms….and every other room in our homes. First the Federal Government mandated what kind of toilets we flush, then what type of light bulbs we can use, now they are

Traitors, Spies and Terrorists: America's Internal Security Crisis

Traitors, Spies and Terrorists: America’s Internal Security Crisis The connections between 1960s, 70s and 80s leftist terrorist groups like the FALN, Black Panthers and Weather Underground, Cuba and our current government, are truly unnerving. America’s Survival will examine these and

Another Joke In The White House Tonight?

How far have we fallen since the days of Reagan? Here’s a good indication. The “poet” Common has been invited to the White House tonight. This poet has written about killing President Bush, shooting police and even dedicated a poem

The Fight Against Terror Never Ends

Thank you Big Peace for your support earlier this year when parole was denied to terror leader Oscar Lopez. It was a great victory over terrorism. Hopefully this victory will not be short lived as Lopez has appealed his parole

Tea Party Speech, Tax Day 2011

It was an honor for the Bergen County (NJ) Tea Party ( to ask me to deliver a speech at the Tax Day Event on the Green at the Hackensack Courthouse. What a great event. Great speakers like Barbara from

Time For Eric Holder To Go

I agree with Pete King that Eric Holder must resign. This should not be a revelation to anyone who has paid attention to Holder’s record. Holder should never have been confirmed as AG in the first place. As I testified

Lopez Parole Denied: Thanks Big Peace

The Parole Commission voted today to deny parole to terrorist Oscar Lopez. The commission got it right. If you engage in terrorism against the United States, you will spend the rest of your life in prison, regardless of your political

Terror Mastermind Seeking Release

An unrepentant terror mastermind has a parole hearing scheduled for early January 2011 in civilian court. No, it is not Ramzi Yousef. It’s not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed nor any of the other Guantanamo detainees. This pioneer in terror was plying

Dear Dad,

November 18, 2010 Dear Dad, Though I talk to you every day, a lot has gone on since I last wrote. The good news is the American people have stepped up, becoming tea fueled activists. The Tea party

Never Forget: 9/11/01 Through One Man's Eyes

On this 9th anniversary of the WTC attacks, I wanted to remember all those who died including cousin, Steve Schlag, Tim Finnerty, Zach Zeng and the 3,000 other souls by sharing with you my story from that day. Actually began

True Rock and Roll is About Freedom

I have never heard Tom Petty talk politics. When it comes to performers, that generally is a good thing. Last week my wife and I took our kids, 13 and 11, to see Petty and the Heartbreakers. Having seen them

'Everybody's had to Fight to Be Free'

I have never heard Tom Petty talk politics. When it comes to performers, that generally is a good thing. Last week my wife and I took our kids, 13 and 11, to see Petty and the Heartbreakers. Having seen them

No Surprise Holder Behind Suspension of USS Cole Bomber Case

There should be no surprise that the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder would put terrorists’ “rights” before their victims and the safety of the American people by suspending the trial of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, mastermind of

And He Compares Himself to Lincoln?

Although it seems like everyone and their Imam have done so already, given my public opposition to the Obama administrations’ capitulation to terrorism (testifying against Eric Holder), my eye witnessing the 9/11 attacks that killed my cousin and my father’s

Yet Another Terror Jailbreak

Proud, unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorist Carlos Torres was quietly released on probation from federal prison this week after serving 30 of a 78 year sentence and reunited with his fellow convicted terrorist mother, Alejandrina Torres and convicted terrorist wife, Haydee