German General: We've Failed In Afghanistan

General Harald Kujat, who was instrumental in planning the German mission in Afghanistan, has come out with a blunt assessment of what the future holds in Afghanistan. In short, he believes it has been a failure. “The mission fulfilled the political aim of showing solidarity with the United States,” he told a German newspaper. “but if you measure progress against the goal of stabilizing acountry and region, then the mission has failed.” He faults the strategy that the allies have employed. “The opponent was fighting a military battle and we needed to do the same.” He says too much time was spent on “stabilization” rather than fight the enemy. He is the German Bundeswehr’s highest ranking soldier and was a leading planning of the German mission.

General Kujat: let’s be honest

And what happens if we withdraw in 2014 as now planned? “If we withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 then the Taliban will take over power again within just a few months.”

If he’s right, do we stay and fight or cut our losses?


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