International Confab To Begin Control Of The Internet?


William Hague: control the internet?

British Foreign Secretary Hague is organization an international conference in London titled the “London Conference on Cyberspace,” to be held on November 1-2. It’s going to include governments, NGOs, and corporations. Hague wants to address issues related to internet security: cybercrime, cyber attacks, and using the web and an network for suppression. He doesn’t want to just talk about the problem. He wants to discuss solutions. As he writes:

This is one of the great challenges of our time. Nobody controls the Internet; and we can’t leave its future to chance. We have the opportunity to secure a bold and innovative future but we also face the risk that the Internet is used as a force for harm. We must start to act now if we are to protect and preserve the tremendous opportunities that the development of cyberspace offers us all.

He’s right. We need to protect the internet and make sure that it doesn’t become dominated by criminals, or it doesn’t become an avenue to attack our economy through systematic attacks. But how do you do that without government action? And how do you ensure that governments won’t use their newborn powers to restrict our freedoms?

Hague promises: “In London, we hope to set an agenda that will allow the world to enjoy the full benefits of a safe and secure cyberspace for generations to come.”

This will be one of the great balancing acts of our time. Providing some level of cyber security, without seriously undermining cyber freedom.


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