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(Pro-)American Beauty: Jordan Carver


Maybe it was good karma: I recently had the opportunity to talk to one of my favorite models, German-born bombshell Jordan Carver.

Not long ago I noticed on her blog that she had done something nice for a military unit from the UK deployed in Afghanistan who’s Staff Sergeant had contacted her to ask for a poster to boost the morale of his troops – whereby she responded by sending complimentary posters to ALL 15 members of the unit!

I contacted her to ask about this event and her opinions about America – she now lives in Los Angeles – and our differences with Europe. It turns out that she absolutely LOVES America and she agreed to a full interview.

Check it out –

BP: Growing up, how did you feel about the United States of America?

JC: I grew up in a really small town close to the border of Luxembourg. As a child I didn’t know that much about the United States – the only thing I knew was what the characters from the Disney movies said about life in a country called America. Later I knew things about the USA because of the TV shows like 21 jump street or Beverly Hills 90210. In the bottom line everything from America seemed to be so cool for me! ( LA GEAR shoes!!! )

My first physical contact with this country happened as a teenager with 16. This was a family trip to Miami. At this time I realized how big the USA is.

Since that time I had nothing specific in mind about the USA until 9/11. But I guess that day changes everyones mind.

BP: How did you and your family experience the reunification of Germany and the collapse of communism?

JC: The fall of the wall was the most historical experience in my live. Sure I heard about the cold war and communism in school but this was only theory or movies in the cinema. This was real and it happened while I watched the news in the TV. Ok to be honest – I did not realized the impact and the political meaning. But on the reaction of my parents and grandparents I understand that this day was the first day of a different Germany.

I remember that my school planted a tree at Oct. 3 – the day of the german reunion. Every time when I visit my parents back in germany I pass this tree and see how he is growing stronger and bigger each year.

BP: Where were you and how did you experience September 11th, 2001?

JC: I saw the collision of the planes in the News. First I thought I saw a trailer of another war movie … This was so unreal and after I understood that what I was seeing was really happening I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed by my feelings I no longer know what happened at that day. I remember only that I felt fearful about the future.

BP: How did your exchange with the young man serving the United Kingdom in Afghanistan happen?

JC: I received a very short but very polite email from the SSGT of a unit serving in Afghanistan. He asked me if I could sent him a poster for himself and the unit to support the morale of the young inexperienced soldiers there. In the attachment I found a little picture of 15 man with the note 3rd from right. I emailed him back immediately and suggested to send a picture to every one if he give me the names of everyone on the picture. I waited two days for the answer. He excused his delay because their was so much work but I still think my offer just blew him away ( just kidding ). At the end of the next day I walked into the post office with a huge envelope in my hand. Unfortunately I never heard from him again. I hope he is doing well.

BP: What do you think about a man in uniform?

JC: I could give a short answer and say they look sexy but in this context I think it’s inadequate. A man in uniform emits safety and authority. Usually you can count on someone who is wearing a uniform. It doesn’t matter if this is the bellboy in a hotel or a soldier at the frontline.

BP: Since it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that American men are the best in the world – what are the top ways we beat our international competition?

JC: Lol Yes – FOR SURE American men are OBVIOUSLY the best ;)

In fact there is one thing that’s different – their attitude. Compared to other man I meet so far I like the “yes I can” mentality. I like if someone is taking action and is proud about doing it. Maybe this is because of their education, patriotism and independence. This is unique in the international competition.

BP: What is your reaction to – and what is your opinion of – European anti-Americanism?

JC: I’m not sure what exactly you are talking about. If you want to know my opinion about the political opinion that Europeans have against the USA I can only say that this is very complicated. Each country is different in the European nation and the historical connections to the United States are different. Some agree, some disagree. It’s not to bad if people make their own mind about world politics.

Before I make my mind I try to get as much information as I can and try to see the things from different kind of views. There is nothing worse than being blind and acting dumb.

BP: You hold one of the top scores in Call of Duty: Black Ops. What draws you toward that action-packed military game?

JC: It started during a photo production last winter. I had some waiting time until the other models, the light and the set got set up. No newspapers, no internet connection, nothing! The only thing was this dumb palystation with one game! Guess what: Call Of Duty!

I started playing around and after a short while I realized how easy it was to control the character. At the end of the two days production I decided to buy the game in the next game store for my own PS3.

This game is not about war and killing. It’s about accuracy, precision and fast acting in a stunning gameplay. You feel like in an action movie.


JC: The United States might be cause for content of countless discussions. I will not judge anyone for his opinion about America but terrorism is never a solution! Overall this country is still the No. 1 offering unlimited opportunities for everyone who is looking for a career.

I think this is a good time to reiterate that legal immigration really does have its advantages…


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