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Timothy McVeigh Smiling up at OWS Protesters


As the Occupy Wall Street protesters started to gather in various cities across the country, it was soon learned that the American Nazi Party endorsed the movement and called for its members to “…JOIN IN the attack on Judeo-Capitalism.” Even the left wing media is conceding that the OWS crowd is a manifestation of left wing anger intended to counter the Tea Party. Timothy McVeigh was a neo-Nazi. His favorite book was a novel entitled The Turner Diaries, which was written by William L. Pierce, an official with the American Nazi Party; even the far left group Southern Poverty Law Center acknowledges this. We are left to conclude that since the American Nazi Party endorses the OWS protests, so would Mr. McVeigh.

So why would the Nazi Party get behind a left wing movement if the Tea Party is the group that is supposed to be filled with racists and Nazis? Nancy Pelosi said the swastika was the symbol of the Tea Party. Yet, the group whose logo is the swastika has endorsed OWS. Instances of Nazi references at Tea Parties have often involved left wing hijinks. Posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache that appeared at some Tea Party rallies were actually the brainchild of the far left’s LaRouche PAC.

Let’s also not forget the short-lived ‘Crash the Tea Party’ movement that called for left wing activists to infiltrate Tea Parties and behave in ways that would help portray the group as racist. True Tea Party conservatives actively policed themselves when aptly named infiltraitors attempted to tar the movement. One of the more blatant examples came courtesy of the Sharp Elbows website. When a man sporting Nazi garb milled around within the group, he was confronted and weeded out. Recently, while defending the OWS protesters, Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert posted a photo of two youths, one holding a sign with a swastika on it that said “No Repeats” and the other with a photo portraying Barack Obama in a Mao suit, at what appeared to be a Tea Party rally. Such behavior is not advisable to be sure but in addition to the protesters in the example Boehlert provided being rather young, those signs were intended to convey a rejection of, not support for, Nazism.

There are other examples of white supremacists infiltrating Tea Parties but such instances are typically strategic attempts at piggy-backing and not the result of a common cause. Consider the case of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a neo-Nazi group that uses deceptive means and tactics to infiltrate Tea Parties. In fact, one of Arizona’s Neo-Nazi leaders – JT Ready – deceptively donned partriotic American garb and posed for a photo with Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce, who was responsible for crafting his state’s tough immigration law, SB 1070. Had Pearce known Ready was a Neo-Nazi, he most assuredly would not have granted him a photo-op.

The American Nazi Party is not using deceptive means to graft itself into the Occupy Wall Street protests. Increasingly, it doesn’t seem necessary as a large number of OWS protesters are seen referring to their targets as Jewish Bankers. That is exactly what the Nazi Party is claiming. This is a common denominator between the two groups. At practically every turn, Tea Party conservatives went out of their way to denounce racist entities and individuals who attempted to join their ranks. Conversely, when it comes to the target of generic OWS protesters and the American Nazi Party, the idea of denunciation comes precariously close to hypocrisy. In any case, Tea Partiers made quick work of Nazi infiltratiors. Thus far, OWS doesn’t seem all that interested in doing the same. After all, entities with a common cause make interesting allies who are all too often willing to overlook the political liabilities presented by the other.

Let’s consider the target of the OWS protesters. The object of the group’s collective ire is Wall Street in general and bankers in particular. They are demanding that rich bankers be made to give up their wealth so that it can be re-distributed. In essence, the protesters are calling for institutionalized bank robbery. Go figure, Timothy McVeigh was also a bank robber, as were several of his colleagues.

Moreover, the left always defaults to the Timothy-McVeigh-was-a-Christian argument every time the subject of Islamic terror comes up. In fact, the only thing more maddening than that meme is when it goes unchallenged by conservatives who never seem to bring up the fact that McVeigh was agnostic. Oh, that reminds me. The agnostic movement seems to be largely supportive of the OWS protests as well. A perusal of the Agnositics International forum should sufficiently demonstrate that. Also, take note that a guitarist for the band Agnostic Front is in support of the OWS protests too.

Everyone acknowledges that McVeigh believed in solving his problems with violence. The crime that led to his execution proves that but what about the OWS crowd? Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen discovered that nearly one-third of the OWS protesters are in support of violence to further the group’s agenda; 98% support civil disobedience. Something tells me Timothy McVeigh would fit right in with this bunch.

At the very least, the left should think twice before painting Timothy McVeigh as a poster child for the right wing extremist movement. Such a charge, now more than ever, reeks of projection.

Ben Barrack is a talk show host on KTEM 1400 in Texas and maintains a website at


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