Obama: Strength For Show But Weakness When It Really Counts

The United States under the Obama administration has assassinated high profile targets over the last six months with the taking out of Osama Bin Laden, Anwar Al-Walki and now the mainstream media are acclaiming the administration with the killing of Moammar Khadafy. These Islamic terrorists and the “mad dog of the Middle East” were dangerous men and certainly deserved their fate. Now Obama announces the pulling out of Iraq as “he promised.” This on the surface is good news but it will provide the opening that Iran has been waiting. Iran will take full advantage as Iraq will soon become a satellite of Iran since 65% of the population are Shiite Muslims. This will be the obvious next world emergency, once we withdraw our troops from Iraq. Iran has already witnessed our weakness when it comes to dealing with their nuclear program as well as the latest weakness with the response to the recent conspiracy to assassinate the US ambassador of Saudi Arabia so they will not need to be too concerned with Obama’s reaction.

The people of the USA are in more serious danger because of the many threats both from terror and our own political naivety. Our mainstream media have and continue to misread the events in the Middle East because they have been literally programmed by their elitist leftist professors who view things from a secular progressive view. They do not seem to fathom the political consequences of Islam as well the influence Islam has on societies that have a majority Muslim population. Or maybe the media just simply wish to ignore the facts and statistics, which are obvious to anyone who can read simple polls emanating from the Near East and the Levant.

We remember the uprising in Egypt in which we were told that democracy would break out. We from the start stated that this is a myth and based just on Pew polls, which stated that 75% of Egyptian Muslims believed that Sharia should be the law of the country as well as 95% of Egyptian Muslims who believed that anyone who left Islam should be executed for apostasy. This should suggest that a democratic Egypt as we know a democracy to be would be extremely unlikely. Only a few months after the ouster of Mubarak we have seen the Islamic fundamentalist domination take root; with the early signs of monstrous atrocities being committed against the Coptic Christians with the Egyptian military participating in the murder.

Libya has finally been “freed” from the tyranny of Khadafy. What should the short-term political future be as a result of the killing of Khadafy? Look at Egypt and there is your answer; Islamic fundamentalism is the reason for the success of the revolutions if not the actual spark. Islam has taken advantage of the discontent similarly as Hamas took over from the PLO as the dominant lead in the fight for the political cause of Palestine by promising and delivering social services. Prior to Hamas you had 50% Jihad now you have 100% Jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood controls enough political power in all Muslim countries and now the stupid Western governments went to war and have given them the Libyan petrol-dollars, which they have never had before. Now they can finance their world Jihad Sunni style. We spend two billion in a war, then the West will buy the Libyan oil which the proceeds will then be used to wage Jihad against us. The Muslim Brotherhood leadership must be laughing their heads off.

In our naïve progressive secular thinking we went to war to remove one bad guy who we had already stopped from his crazy terror ways and instead we will put in power a Muslim Brotherhood regime whose objective is world domination through an Islamic Caliphate. Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey and possibly others will ally together under the new world order (the Caliphate). Hitler used peace and diplomacy to gain Rhineland, Danzig, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Islam will use similar tactics Hitler used, especially when it comes to the Israeli Arab conflict.

Islam is patient, it is using the patient population growth stranglehold tactic in Europe and in the USA. They are building many large mosques in Europe and North America as well as the rest of the world. Dawa is the strategy, which is the “peaceful Jihad.” Once the Muslim population reaches 20% watch out they are commanded under Sharia to take over the country. If you do not believe me just look at what happened to Lebanon over last forty years.

In the USA there are a proven thirty-three jihad training camps. They are training to take over the USA by force when they believe they are able or when ordered from Iran and the International leaders of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood to cause major terror attacks on the homeland. When does our mainstream media report this stuff? They don’t because they probably are so ignorant that they do not even know what they do not know.

Our political leaders are stifled by the political correctness because of our ignorant main stream media. Even the politicians that have done their homework and know the truth always look at their reelection prospects before they will utter the whole truth. Any politician that uses the term “Radical” to describe the Islamic threat is someone who speaks with political correctness. There is no such thing as “Moderate Islam” as there is no such thing as “Radical Islam” there is just Islam. Islam has had only a secular facade between 1920 and 1979 out of its fourteen hundred year history. I challenge people to look at photographs of the way Muslims dressed both men and women in Egypt and Syria in the 1960s and compare it with the way they dress today. This alone can tell you a lot about the influence of Islam and how the fundamentalist Islam has returned. Sixty years of secular society in Muslim countries is small part of the 1400 year history of Islamic conquest and atrocities. We need to look at history not just the short 60 years of the past which does not give you the true picture of what we are dealing with here.

Until our country and the West face the fact that Islam’s objective is the same as Nazi Germany’s will we continue to ignore this;as the threat the death toll of terror will not only continue but will accelerate. Sadly not till it is too late will the truly righteous nations arise to help defeat this evil.


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