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New Law: No Burka Allowed When Taking Citizenship Oath In Canada


From the National Post:

Give Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney credit for at least this much: On Monday, when he announced that the citizenship oath must now be taken with an uncovered face, he did not pretend that it was just another policy change. He mentioned it in the same breath as other initiatives he has championed, such as beefing up language requirements, the citizenship test and the Citizenship Guide. “This is part of a broader action plan to invest greater value in Canadian citizenship,” he told CBC.

But he also stressed, correctly, that this is no “technical or practical” tweak. “It is, rather, a matter of pure principle, which lies at the heart of our identity and our values with respect to openness and equality,” he said at a speech in Montreal.

It’s controversial, and he didn’t shy away. He expressed his personal distaste for the burka: “It’s a cultural tradition, which I think reflects a certain view about women that we don’t accept in Canada,” he told CBC.

You can read the full story here.


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