The Demise Of A Dictator


Asian analyst Gordon Chang spends an entire hour with Frank for a review of 2011 as well as a look ahead to 2012. In light of Kim Jun-Il’s demise, what will become of North Korea? It seems that many in the North Korean government oppose the successor, Kim Jun Un and could destabilize the country. China will most likely support the military in taking over the government, which would allow the Chinese to establish military bases in country. What will become of American aid to North Korea in terms of food and medicine? Aid to North Korea will most likely be held until it is clear what direction the country will go in.

The Chinese economy is suffering, which is leading to insurrection throughout the country. Providences throughout China are revolting against the local governments and these revolts, once peaceful, are now turning violent. What will become of the Chinese economy? Will it collapse? How will the Chinese government respond to these protests? China is now cracking down on social networking in order to curb protests. China is working hard to control speech within the country, but the citizens are finding new ways to connect and speak out against this repressive regime.

China could potentially have 3,000 nuclear warheads hidden in underground tunnels and with their military growing in influence, what does this mean for American security? Obama has signed an arms treaty with the Russians limiting American warheads to 1,550 and if the Chinese and Russians get together then America will be at a significant disadvantage. Will the military take over the government in China? What influence does the Chinese military have in the use of space and how could their push into space impact American security? Did China help Iran bring down the American drone?


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