Holder plays Race Card


I testified against Holder’s confirmation at his Senate Judiciary Committee hearings in 2009. (Holder engineered the Clintons’ clemency to unrepentant FALN terrorists who proudly claimed responsibility for the murder of my father, Frank Connor, at Fraunces Tavern in NYC.) http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/id/200317, 43 minutes in

Ironic thing is when I testified, I didn’t know or consider Holder’s race. It was irrelevant. I didn’t even think of his race until he began raising the issue himself.

I testified against him then and believe he should resign or be fired now, not because of the color of his skin but the content of his character.

Isn’t that what we strive for in America?

It is Holder who exploits race and not his legitimate detractors.


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