Will Media Cover for Obama in Grisly Army Photo Scandal?

Will Media Cover for Obama in Grisly Army Photo Scandal?

So the LA Times has now published photographs of U.S. soldiers posing with body parts of Afghan suicide bombers.  

And while the White House seeks to dampen the impact of the story by expressing their disappointment in the fact that the pictures were published two years after the fact, it seems we would be better served to remember how photographs from Abu Ghraib, which were arguably far less offensive, were joyously used again and again in an attempt to bring down Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

If pictures of soldiers standing by prisoners with bags over their heads at Abu Ghraib justified dragging the Bush Administration–and Rumsfeld in particular–through the mud, ought we not expect an equally aggressive response from the media regarding these photos that have emerged on Obama’s watch?

Surely you remember how not only the media, but even the Maverick himself, John McCain, spewed venomous word upon venomous word at Rumsfeld. It was, after all, a Senate Armed Services Committee report that McCain oversaw which “officially” blamed Rumsfeld for the abuse at Abu Ghraib. The crux of the report stated Rumsfeld’s approval of enhanced interrogation techniques for Guantanamo Bay in December 2002 resulted in the “abuses” at Abu Ghraib in late 2003.

By the way, in their eagerness to get Rumsfeld, McCain & the mainstream media failed to notice that Rumsfeld had rescinded those techniques by mid-January 2003, almost a year before the Abu Ghraib incident took place.

Anyway, where are McCain and the mainstream media now? Where’s the effort to find who in the  Obama administration is responsible for the pictures of U.S. soldiers with Afghan corpses?

Looks like the Rumsfeld haters’ chickens are coming home to roost.


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