What I Saw at Occupy: Chilean Terrorist Group Given Center Stage

What I Saw at Occupy: Chilean Terrorist Group Given Center Stage

On May 1st, at Union Sqare in New York, the organizers of Occupy had set up a stage for their invited speakers to address the assembled gaggle of malcontents and totalitarians known as “Occupy”. I saw the flags of Red China, Venezuela, Cuba and others–but no American flags. At one point a group took to the stage, started screaming in spanish and, displayed a red and black flag with white letters spelling “MIR.”

What is the MIR?

It stands for the Revolutionary Left Movement, a Chilean terrorist group formed in the aftermath of the KGB’s failed 1964 attempt to buy the election for “Dr.” Salvador Allende, whose career up until that point included a thesis postulating that gays can be “cured” by putting testicles in their stomachs, proposing to sterilize the mentally ill, being one of three Chilean ministers doing paid work–for the price of 300,000 Reichmarks, according to files uncovered from the political archive of the German foreign office–in the service of Nazi Germany’s foreign minister Otto Von Ribbentrop, eulogizing Stalin by promising to work toward “building a grand tomorrow” based on “his grand example”, and meeting with Che and other Cuban Government leaders to discuss setting up cocaine trafficking networks. Thus, a bunch of malcontents got together to form MIR–which they intended “to be the Marxist-Leninist vanguard of the working class and the oppressed and exploited masses of Chile, who were looking to break their chains for more than 150 years, fighting for the national and social emancipation which would lead them to Socialism and Communism.”

After Allende managed to get elected President in 1970 by defeating the divided main political parties with around 30% of the vote, MIR became his personal security team and organized goon squad, which used intimidation and murder to carry out his forced collectivization policies. MIR also teamed up with the estimated 31,000 Cuban, Soviet bloc, and Communist operatives whom Allende (KGB codename: LEADER) invited into the country to set up training centers for terrorists from all parts of Latin America and Europe, as well as turn Chile into a major source of cocaine smuggling into the United States. It was at this time that MIR linked up with the major red terror groups of the other Southern Cone nations to form the Revolutionary Coordinating Junta (JCR) under Cuban direction.

Full disclosure: it has been reported that the red terrorist–STASI codename: LAMBROS–who would later assassinate my cousin had traveled to Chile at this time.

After Allende was overthrown–an event that the CIA, contrary to popular belief, was not involved in beyond having learned of its planning (although, as with other cherished lies of the left, no amount of truth will ever make them relinquish this anti-American canard)–MIR and the JCR were forced to flee:  first to Argentina, and then, after causing chaos throughout the Southern Cone by destroying  democracies and causing the establishment of iron-fisted anti-Communist military regimes in every nation, they found their way to Cuba. The intelligence services of Southern Cone regimes and the Cuban-based JCR fought a covert war across three continents (Europe, North and South America) until the end of Cold War, by which time democracy had been restored to every nation in the Western Hemisphere with the exceptions of Cuba and Suriname, and the JCR had collapsed and its member groups dwindled to insignificance without the assistance of the Soviet Union.

I don’t know why it surprised me to see one of the last vestiges of the Evil Empire welcomed by Occupy Wall Street. They certainly fit in better there than in prosperous, democratic Chile. But, if MIR were there to recruit Occupy people for their “revolution”, then in the end the joke’s on them, because all they’d have gotten were more non-working mouths to feed.


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