Resurgent Radicals Poison Afghan Women to Keep Them from School

Resurgent Radicals Poison Afghan Women to Keep Them from School

Obama’s decision to abandon the War on Terror, which his administration intimates we’ve won, and pull our troops out of Afghanistan, continues to prove detrimental to innocent lives in that country. In fact, it has given rise to a war on women that completely eclipses the trumped-up birth control controversy coming from the Democrat Party in America.

To understand this, we first have to understand that the presence of the U.S. military in Afghanistan post-9/11 was both necessary and good–not only for the power we were able to take away from the Taliban but also for the rights and privileges that were finally extended to women in the absence of radical rule. Because of the U.S. presence and the goals of expanding a sphere of freedom under George W. Bush, women in that country were actually allowed to go to school.

Although this seems a small thing in a western country like the U.S., where women enjoy equal access to things like education as a matter of fact, in Afghanistan, as in Saudi Arabia and Iran, women are viewed as little more than pieces of property controlled by their husbands.

But today in Afghanistan, with the U.S. presence rapidly dwindling, radicals are reasserting themselves and trying to put an end to education for females. And their tactic for accomplishing this has been, literally, poison–a means as barbaric as the very Stone Age to which they want women to return.

In the last three months alone, the radicals have poisoned over 120 schoolgirls. And with the U.S. handing things to NATO, which in turn, is largely handing things to the Afghans themselves, the schoolgirls are not likely to see their attackers brought to justice any time soon.

Instead, it appears the poisonings will prove to be just one more sign of the broader war on women to come, once the Taliban steps back in.

Headline image: Military photo by Spc. Kristina Gupton