Pressure Continues to Build in Syria

Pressure Continues to Build in Syria

The news coming out of Syria isn’t good, no matter how you slice it. On Friday June 29, bodies wrapped in burial garments were carried through the streets of Douma, which has been under siege “for weeks” by Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The total dead were estimated at nearly 200, and citizens of Douma claimed the deaths were the result of Assad’s direct action against them.

Said one distraught man who was holding the corpse of a little girl, “This is another massacre of the massacres by Assad and his secret police. This is another massacre of the massacres by the international community, of all the great nations that have conspired against our people.”

In addition to being heart-wrenching, this news is problematic because there is no way to gauge the veracity of these numbers, and there’s no denying that anti-Assad factions will use these deaths to try to urge the United States and others to enter into the conflict on the side of the Syrian opposition sooner rather than later. At the same time, Assad enjoys the support of Russia, therefore making any pending worldwide conflict one which could pit the world’s superpowers against one another.

We can only hope this will end before it comes to that.