UN Pushes Carbon Tax for 'Global Development'

UN Pushes Carbon Tax for 'Global Development'

The U.N. seems to be working overtime to take advantage of President Obama’s soft spot for taxes, progressive schemes, and gun control. Already this week I’ve written about the Arms Trade Treaty, a treaty aimed at stopping guns from crossing borders, and which will ultimately require gun registration to keep track of whose guns are going where. Now we can add to that a proposed billionaire’s tax, a carbon tax, and a currency exchange tax.

Regarding the carbon tax, never mind the whole man made global warming scenario has been proven false–there’s money to be had and it must be pursued before Democrats lose the White House or the Senate (or both).

To the U.N.’s credit, they’re actually being honest about why some of these taxes are being pursued–they want to use the money for “global development purposes.” To the U.N.’s shame, that’s just a fancy way of saying what Obama said in 2008 when he promised to “spread the wealth around.” Has anybody noticed what his wealth spreading policies have done to the USA?

There is a lesson to be learned here. Namely, that no amount of money given to third world countries will help those countries until they adopt capitalism for a market system. Unless and until that happens, wealth redistribution schemes will only serve to lessen the wealth of the wealthy while filling the coffers of warlords who will control the influx of money and goods from the U.N.

But of course the wealth confiscation will make U.N. officials richer along the way too.

And perhaps that’s the point we all need to remember, for it appears that the same U.N. that wants your guns, also wants your wallet.