Iranian Position Paper: We Are Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

Iranian Position Paper: We Are Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

According to an Iranian position paper, Iran’s protestations that it doesn’t seek nuclear weapons capability are a lie. The paper, which was used by Iran’s negotiators at Iran’s technical-level talks with the P5+1 powers in Istanbul, clearly indicates Iran’s intentions to expand their nuclear weapons program and rejection of negotiation with the West.

Iran protests that it needs additional facilities because of threats from the West: “Facing constant threats, we need a back up facility to safeguard our enrichment activities,” referring to the Fordow enrichment facility where Iran carries out its 20% uranium enrichment.  The document continues that Iran needs ” … at least 4 other research reactors because of the territorial extent of Iran and the short lifetime of medical isotopes” and that Iran aspires “to sell fuel complexes to other countries.”

Not only does the document outline Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but the political path Iran will take in order to achieve its goals. First, Iran will pursue international recognition of its rights to enrich more uranium, and then to stop all sanctions against it. In order to bolster its argument, the paper mentions Iran’s anger at the P5+1 proposals for a negotiated agreement, especially the P5+1’s demand that Iran shut down its enrichment facility at Fordow.

Incredibly, the paper has the gall to state that “the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes… its opposition to nuclear weapons based on the Supreme Leader’s Fatwa against such weapons.” In typically nebulous, convoluted fashion, the paper says “Iran will cooperate with 5+1 to provide enriched fuel needed for TRR” (Tehran Research Reactor) but then demands that the West acknowledge Iran’s “right” to enrich as much uranium to 3.5% as it wants.

Then the paper accuses the West of fabrication regarding Iran: “baseless accusations and ambiguities have been raised regarding Iran’s past nuclear activities … Iran is asked to answer such allegations beyond its legal obligations … Some of the propositions in the proposal of 5+1 are incorrect, some are ambiguous, some are in contradiction to international documents and some are not in conformity with the realities.”

The belligerence of the Iranian government and clear refusal to negotiate with the West comes through here:

“First, using general terms such as ‘cooperation,’ ‘support,’ ‘adjustment,’ ‘review’ and ‘recommendation’ in these propositions are in contradiction with the basic goal of the very same proposal ‘which is creating confidence and trust in the first stage. Second, the above-mentioned suggestions are not compatible with the requests such as “stopping enrichment,” “transferring of materials” and “shutting down the Fordo (sic).”