Hillary Lied, People Died (Almost)

Hillary Lied, People Died (Almost)

It was just this Monday that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. and Israel are “on the same page at this moment” regarding Iran. It appears that moment has passed. For it has been reported that American and Israeli officials are “striking diplomatic poses, and downplaying differences of opinion regarding actions to be taken, or not taken,” against Iran’s nuclear program.

However, even as Clinton spoke her words of unity on Monday, it seems that Israeli citizens sensed both the shallowness of those words and sensed too that Prime Minister Netanyahu was taking a different path altogether.

And according to reports in Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, the sudden influx of Obama administration officials into Israel demonstrates that the Obama administration knows the two countries are headed in different directions on Iran as well. In fact, in reading the coverage in Haaretz one gets the impression that while the Obama administration is begging Israel to turn the other cheek until the November elections have passed, Netanyahu is already weighing the ramifications of attacking Iran before November arrives.

The bottom line: for Israelis, removing the threat of an Iranian attack on their homeland is more important than the November elections.