Chavez: Romney 'Selfish Capitalistic Elite,' Obama 'a Good Guy'

Chavez: Romney 'Selfish Capitalistic Elite,' Obama 'a Good Guy'

Lately, President Obama has spent a lot of time trying to paint Gov. Mitt Romney as a mix of George W. Bush and a cold warrior on foreign policy. In an effort to make this stick, he has enrolled the help of the same Chicago-style attack machine he used when trying to sink Romney’s political ship via Bain Capital. 

And now, Obama has a friend who has come along to help point out the differences between Obama and Romney. That friend is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. 

According to AP reports, Chavez, who is himself running for re-election, gave a speech Saturday in which he compared Romney to Henrique Capriles, the man against whom he is running in Venezuela. Said Chavez: “Both men represent the callously selfish capitalistic elite.” 

Chavez continued by saying Romney represents part of an “extreme right-wing agenda that borders on fascism in the United States.” He then referred to Obama as “a good guy.”

Call me crazy, but endorsements for Obama from the likes of Chavez may just put Romney over the top on election day.