Jordan Bars Activists from crossing into West Bank

Jordan Bars Activists from crossing into West Bank

Jordan on Sunday barred pro-Palestinian US and European activists from trying to cross into the West Bank for delivering school supplies to students.

Atallah said the “activists left the buses and started to demonstrate near the checkpoint. One of them fainted and was taken to hospital.”

As part of the campaign, aimed at highlighting Israel’s control over entry to the occupied territories, the activists sought to provide Palestinian students with a tonne of toys, pens, notebooks and other supplies.

Five school buses drove the activists to the crossing as they chanted “Free Palestine!” and sang Palestinian traditional songs. Some wore t-shirts with “I have a dream” printed on them, while others flashed V-for-victory sign.

The campaigners tried to enter the occupied West Bank through Israel in July 2011 and April 2012, but the authorities at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport denied them entry.

The activists, who plan to stay for a week in the West Bank, say their mission comes after an invitation by Bethlehem governor Abdel-Fatah Hamayel.

Some activists were sceptical they would be allowed in.

Melia Haddad, an 11-year-old French-Algerian, came with her mother and older sister.