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Egypt's Ruling Party To US: You Should Protect Islam

Egypt's Ruling Party To US: You Should Protect Islam

Egypt’s ruling party, the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, blasted the United States after an angry Islamist mob stormed the U.S. embassy’s walls and shredded an American flag over alleged offenses in a film that no one can name. Said the spokesman for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood:

… a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a member, said that the United States should do a better job of protecting Islam.

It’s not the United States’s job to “protect” Islam. I hardly think a fundamentalist ideology propelling people people over the embassy’s walls while they shred our flag and replace it with a religious one needs protection. 

Why hasn’t President Obama or the state department demanded that Egypt control its angry mob? It would seem we’re the ones owed an apology after they stormed our embassy’s walls and tore our flag. 

That our administration still treats a religious group like a political party only further exacerbates the problem. 


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