Obama Loses Iraq to Iran

Obama Loses Iraq to Iran

The Obama Doctrine of pulling our troops out of Iraq has been a disaster; any hope the United States had that Iraq would become our ally is gone. Now Iraq is actually cooperating with our enemy Iran to fly military personnel and huge caches of arms to Syria to help Syrian President Bashas-al-Assad crush the 18-month-old rebellion.

But Obama was so proud of himself for drawing down our troops in Iraq. Remember when he lied and took credit for finding and killing Osama Bin Laden because of his actions?

Obama, October 21, 2011: “The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus our fight against al Qaeda and achieve major victories against its leadership–including Osama bin Laden.”

But even the New York Times admitted that crucial intelligence that helped the U.S. to locate Bin Laden came from an al Qaeda agent who had been captured by U.S. forces in 2004 in Iraq.

Now it’s too late. Iraq is gone, working with the Iranians against the United States. A report in Reuters provided by a diplomatic source at the U.N. asserts:

This is part of a revised Iranian modus operandi that U.S. officials have only recently addressed publicly, following previous statements to the contrary. It also flies in the face of declarations by Iraqi officials. Planes are flying from Iran to Syria via Iraq on an almost daily basis, carrying IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) personnel and tens of tons of weapons to arm the Syrian security forces and militias fighting against the rebels.

The report continued that Iran was “continuing to assist the regime in Damascus by sending trucks overland via Iraq” to Syria. Two Boeing 747 aircraft, an Iran Air plane with the tail number EP-ICD, and Mahan Air’s EP-MNE were on a list of aircraft hit with sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department, as well as Iran’s Yas Air for supplying Syria with weapons.

But of course, the Obama Treasury Department never mentioned Iraq. Obama has spent much of his presidency bragging of his accomplishments, few as they are. But now he can add one golden one: the loss of Iraq to the dark side of Islamofascism and anti-Americanism.


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