Iran on Verge of Nuclear Weapon or Regime Change?

Iran on Verge of Nuclear Weapon or Regime Change?

Sanctions on Iran appear to have taken a toll on that nobody saw coming, and Israel is now wondering which will happen first — a nuclear weapon or regime change?

Reports indicate that the value of Iran’s rial has plunged and black-market money changers have taken advantage of the difficult times by offering Iranians exchanges for other currencies. Riot police have been turned loose to get the money changers off the streets, in what appears to be a demonstration of the fact that Ahmadinejad’s government still doesn’t know how desperate circumstances have become.

Israel, on the other hand, has realized Iran’s problems are so bad that Ahmadinejad may run out of money before he can build his nuclear weapon. 

This is not to say that Israel is now ignoring the threat Iran poses. Rather, it means that Israel realizes Iran may soon face financial hardships of such magnitude that control will be inwardly wrested from the regime before the nuclear device can be completed.