Gov. Romney at VMI: Hope Is Not A Strategy for Peace

Gov. Romney at VMI: Hope Is Not A Strategy for Peace

The events of September 11, 2012 put the spotlight on Obama’s faltering foreign policy, showing that the last four years have not only weakened America at home but also abroad. As a result, foreign policy is emerging as one of the crucial issues in the upcoming election. Gov. Mitt Romney will describe his plans for a strong foreign policy at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) today.  

Titled “The Mantle of Leadership,” and framed in a way that shows the projection of strength is a president’s duty,  here are some excerpts from Romney’s speech:

The attacks on America last month should not be seen as random acts. They are expressions of a larger struggle that is playing out across the Middle East — a region that is now in the midst of the most profound upheaval in a century. And the fault lines of this struggle can be seen clearly in Benghazi itself. 

The attack on our Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 was likely the work of the same forces that attacked our homeland on September 11, 2001. This latest assault cannot be blamed on a reprehensible video insulting Islam, despite the administration’s attempts to convince us of that for so long. [Rather], as the administration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence to impose their dark ideology on others.

Romney will describe how these terrorists seek to impose their will on “women and girls,” on the Middle East as a whole, and how they are dedicated to relentless war against the West

He will then point out that he believes Obama hopes for peace in the Middle East, but will add, “Hope is not a strategy” for peace.

Romney will then set out a clear strategy for strength in U.S. foreign policy as it regards Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.   And he will speak to the importance of standing by our great ally Israel, while working for a solution to the tensions between Israel and Palestine: a solution Obama has completely abandoned.

Romney will then conclude:

I believe that if America does not lead, others will — others who do not share our interests and our values — and the world will grow darker, for our friends and for us. 

…The 21st century can and must be an American century. It began with terror, war, and economic calamity. It is our duty to steer it onto the path of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Ronald Reagan would be proud.