CIA: 'Rise of the Oceans' More Important than Rising Terrorism

CIA: 'Rise of the Oceans' More Important than Rising Terrorism

The CIA opened the Center on Climate Change and National Security in 2009 to monitor the threats posed to national security by “desertification, rising sea levels, population shifts, and heightened competition for natural resources.”

When President-elect Barack Obama said climate change was a matter of national security in Dec. 2008, it seemed like just more talk from another leftist who was convinced humans were destroying the planet. 

However, that narrative continued to be set forth by his administration for four straight years; now we’re learning that it went so far as the CIA devoting resources to this “problem” since 2009.

While Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah are ramping up to strike Israel, while the Taliban openly mocks Obama’s capitulation in Afghanistan, and while Al Qaeda regroups in places like Iraq and Libya, our CIA is worried about a “worldwide security risk” caused by global warming.

In fact, even as the CIA reels from the scandal surrounding former director David Petraeus, an intelligence report has been released in which the agency suggests “the U.S. develop a systematic and enduring whole-of-government strategy for monitoring threats connected to climate change.” 

Benghazi was a terrorist attack indicative of a national security threat which the left has been eager to dismiss as much ado about a video, but climate change poses a serious national security risk in the eyes of the Obama administration. 


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