Just 41% of Dems Think Israel's Gaza Action Justified

Just 41% of Dems Think Israel's Gaza Action Justified

While a vast majority of Americans side with Israel in their current conflict with Hamas, only 41% of Democrats do, according to a new CNN poll today. That poll shows that 57% of Americans believe Israel is right to take military action against Hamas in Gaza; 59% of Americans are more sympathetic to the Israelis than the Palestinians.

Where the survey begins to get interesting, though, is in the political breakdown. While 77% of conservatives say they favor the Israelis over the Palestinians, and just 6% (led by Pat Buchanan, no doubt) favor the Palestinians, a full 27% of liberals say they support the Palestinians, with just 37% supporting Israel. Among Republicans, 80% support Israel over the Palestinians; just 51% of Democrats do.

Those numbers get even more shocking: only 41% of Democrats say that Israel is justified in its action against Gaza, with 36% against, and 23% having no opinion. A full 74% of Republicans say that Israel is justified.

The right stands with Israel. The left does not, even when Israel merely responds to rockets raining down on its cities. The dichotomy is becoming that simple.