Arab Columnists Blame Iran for Inciting Palestinians

Arab Columnists Blame Iran for Inciting Palestinians

A number of Arab columnists believe the rockets being launched from Gaza into Israel, are only being launched because Iran has incited Palestinians for ulterior reasons.

These alleged reasons include a demonstration of Iranian influence, the pursuit of an improved position in nuclear negotiations, and part of a larger effort to draw attention away from the conflict in Syria.

Because of this, a number of Arab columnists are pointing out what they see as the foolishness of attacking Israel.

Kuwaiti columnist Abdallah Al-Hadlaq openly condemns those who call Hamas’ rockets “resistance” and Israel’s response “aggression.” He adds: “The terrorist group Hamas has started a confrontation with the Israeli army that it cannot end.”

Palestinian Authority columnist Hamada Fara’na writes: “[The fact that] Hamas’ rockets, modest as they might seem, reach Israeli towns causes [us] to arrogantly deceive ourselves [that we possess] the ability to harm the enemy.”

And Gamal Al-Ghitani, editor of Egypt’s Al-Akbar, criticizes Hamas as a group whose plans “are never meant to benefit Palestine and the Palestinian cause.” 

Ghitani adds: “Hamas and its dangerous policy…place the entire homeland under a threat.”