Israeli School Children Trained in "Rocket Preparedness"

Israeli School Children Trained in "Rocket Preparedness"

Israeli schools are instructing children on how to react in the midst rocket or missile attacks

The Ministry of Education, together with various school administrators who have lived through Palestinian rocket attacks, are convinced that students need to know what to do and where to go if their school is in or near a targeted area. 

They are not trying to frighten to children but to teach them.

Said one principal: “This drill not does mean there will be a war. But it is important to always be prepared, and part of knowing that we are protected from Above as well as here on the ground, is doing our utmost to make good use of the tools we are blessed with.”

The drill was scheduled for Feb. 14 and was to last approximately two hours. It included practice in getting to bomb shelters and “hiding from rockets.”