Egypt's Islamist Government Banning the Sale of Alcohol

Egypt's Islamist Government Banning the Sale of Alcohol

Islamists in the Egyptian government have ceased issuance of alcohol licenses and will not renew expiring licenses “in Cairo, Alexandria, and other major cities.”

The New Urban Communities Authorities (NUCA) made this decision because resident representatives said there had been complaints that “the sale of alcohol leads to problems including attacking women and ringing doorbells of people’s homes.”

However, other residents decried the decision.

For example, 30-year old Dina Fahmy said: “First this Islamic government will ban alcohol in the new urban communities, then slowly they will try to start banning it elsewhere and then God knows what’s next.” She said she believes the ban has little to do with safety and more to do with leaders “[imposing] their Islamist vision.”

This ban comes on the heels of a 30 day YouTube ban issued earlier this month in response to “posting a film insulting the Prophet Mohammad” last year.

In response to these bans, opponents circulated images online on Feb. 17 depicting President Mohamed Morsi in a Superman outfit with the caption: “Must save Egypt from porn, alcohol, and YouTube.”