GOP Lawmakers Demand to See Benghazi Survivors

GOP Lawmakers Demand to See Benghazi Survivors

With various sources confirming a number of Benghazi survivors are “still recovering at Walter Reed military hospital,”  Republican lawmakers are demanding their names and access to them. 

To date, Sec. of State of John Kerry has visited with one survivor, but will not give the survivor’s name. He will only say  the survivor was “remarkably courageous.”

Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Frank Wolf (R-VA), and Jim Gerlach (R-Pa.), have trying to gain access to survivors, but all say they have been told different things regarding both the number of survivors and their locations.

They also say they have yet to even receive the names of the individuals. 

Chaffetz believes there’s a concerted effort to keep these survivors away from lawmakers: “We want to talk to the survivors — they won’t do that. And then the president has the gall to on television and say, ‘Oh, we’re providing all the access’? Baloney. Bull crap. That’s not happening.”

Reps. Wolf and Gerlach wrote a letter to Sec. Kerry formally requesting access to the survivors and seeking details about their conditions. 

To date, all the GOP lawmakers know is that the survivors are allegedly a combination of security contractors, State Dept. employees, and CIA personnel. 


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