Spanish Government Charges Imran Firasat with Hate Crimes

Spanish Government Charges Imran Firasat with Hate Crimes

Imran Firasat was granted asylum in Spain due to threats against his life in Pakistan after he converted to Christianity from Islam in 2004. But as Breitbart News has been reporting, he has spent the past few months facing the possibility of being deported to back to Pakistan. 

Now, the Spanish government has upped the ante by charging Firasat with a hate crime, meaning the Spanish government has put Firasat in a position where he faces deportation and likely death under Sharia Authority. On the other hand, he faces imprisonment for hate crimes and therefore a complete loss of freedom. 

All this seems to be driven by an inexplicable desire to appease those whom Firasat describes as “menacing Muslims.”

Since his conversion to Christianity, Firasat has been outspoken against what he believes are the central dangers of Islam. And following the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi and on U.S. embassies abroad, he made a YouTube film titled, The Innocent Prophet

The hate crime charges were brought by Helal-Jamal Abboshi Khaledi, “who is General Secretary of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain.” Khaledi lodged complaints against Firasat’s website, his film, and his activities concerning Islam.

Firasat’s case continues to receive the focused attention of Dr. Daniel Pipe’s Middle East Forum’s Legal Project. 




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