Military Analyst: 'All Putin Has to Do Is Look Nasty' to Influence Syria

Military Analyst: 'All Putin Has to Do Is Look Nasty' to Influence Syria

On Saturday, Military analyst Chuck Nash explained on David Webb’s National Security Special on Syria on SiriusXM Patriot channel 125 how involved the Russians are in Syria. Nash said, “They have had a long-standing relationship with the Assad regime going back to his father,” and that to influence the Syrian regime, all Russian President “Putin has to do is look nasty.”

Nash said that Russia currently has very little ability to use conventional military action, but he also explained, “They are executing totally over the top political power.”

“The Russians are really good at playing mind games,” Nash said.

Nevertheless, Russia will be wary of the United States conducting military operations in Syria because it might involve putting Russian advisors in harm’s way, according to Nash.

Any action in Syria will greatly disturb the Middle East, and Nash explained how the United States cannot simply get involved at the drop of the hat because there are so many actors involved. He said, “If you want to be taken seriously in a region you can’t just show up there when something goes wrong. You have to have continued presence.”

Nash said that it would be “naïve in the extreme” for the Obama Administration to get involved in Syria without the expectation that there would be “blowback from this.”